Akaflieg Stuttgart FS-24 Phönix T
Phonix exposé dans la Bruce Brockhoff Annexe - Australian Gliding Museum (11/2016)
Immatriculation : VH-GRP
Numéro de série : 403
Année de construction : 1960
Localisation : Australian Gliding Museum
Propriétaire : John ASHFORD
Statut de la machine : En état de vol
Prototype that was built on 25 May 1960 [Registration D-8354]. It was converted at Bolkow to a Phonix T in 1963 and sold to a private owner in Switzerland [Registration HB-746] and later then to gliding club Segelfluggruppe Solothurn in 1965. The glider returned to Germany in 1971 (Meersburg) and re-registered as D-0738. It moved to a new owner in Allershausen in 1976, and again to Lindhoft in 1982. In 1983 the glider was sold to owners at Hasselt, Belgium and given registration OO-ZQD. In 1989 a further change of ownership occurred and the glider acquired by Hans Disma went to Leusden in the Netherlands where it was registered as PH-949.
In 2006 the FS-24 Phonix No.403 was imported into Australia by John Ashford of the Geelong Gliding Club. On 30 January 2007, it was registered as VH-GRP. However, it has not been flown in Australia.

The FS-24 Phonix – a pioneering fibreglass design, AGM Newsletter n° 34, été 2017, p 8. Texte + photo
Date dernière info : 2013
Id. machine : 899