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Titre The world's vintage sailplanes 1908-1945
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Auteur SIMONS, Martin
Année de publication 1986
Langue anglais
ÉditeurKookaburra Technical Publications Pty Ltd
PO Box 648
Dandenong 3175
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Code ISBN0-85880-046-2
Format22x29.3 cm
Nombre de pages 176
Sommaire Introduction.
Colors, markings and finishes.
A note about the drawing.
Spelling and pronunciation.
The start of it all, the FSV-10
The Harth-Messerschmitt gliders
Pelzner's hang gliding.
Peter Riedel's gliders.
The Schwarze Teufel and Blaue Maus.
The Weltensegler.
The Vampyr.
The Peyret Tandem.
The Konsul.
The Margarete.
The primary trainers.
The Pruefling.
The Storch series.
The Darmstadt series.
The Musterle.
The Anfaenger (Hols der Teufel).
The Falke.
The Professor.
The Wien.
The Fafnir.
The CW-5.
The SG series.
The Airspeed Tern.
The Scuds.
The Grunau Baby.
The Wrens.
The Austria.
The Obs.
The Kr 1 & 1A, Austria 2 & 3.
The Rhoenadler.
The Condor Series.
The Karakan.
The Komar.
The Rhoenbussard.
The D-28 Windspiel.
The Moazagotl.
The Bowlus Albatross.
The Spyr series.
The Huetter H-17.
The Spalinger series.
The Mu 10.
The Fafnir 2, Sao Paulo.
The Rhoensperbers.
The Falcon 3.
The Wolf.
The M-22.
The Minimoa.
The Kirby Kite.
The Kranich.
The Moswey series.
The PS-2.
The development of the instrument panel.
The Hjordis.
The Avia 40P.
The GN-7.
The Kirby Kadet and Tutor.
The Stakhanovets.
The Horten flying wings.
The FVA-10 Rheinland.
The Habicht.
The Nemere.
The Salamandra.
The Mu 13.
The Huetter H-28.
The Golden Eagle.
The RS-1, Zanonia.
The Orlik.
The Reiher.
The PWS 101.
The King Kite.
The SG-38.
The Baby Albatross.
The Schweizer SGS 2-8, TG-2.
The Yankee Doodle and LK 10, TG-4.
The Pelicano.
The Kirby Gull.
The D-30, Cirrus.
The Weihe.
The Viking.
The Goeppingen 4, Goevier.
The Meise/Olympia.
The Kirby Petrel.
The PWS 102, Rekin.
The Pratt Read G-1, LNE-1 or TG-32.
The SO-P1.
Possesseur(s)Jean-Marie M. & Andreas A.

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Riedel PR-II3-vues + 1 photo de réplique (p. 15)

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